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Job Prep Refresher

Job Prep Refresher

So you've made the decision that it's time to move on from your current job. Now what? Many candidates don't realise that good preparation before starting their job hunt will help them achieve a better result. Here are our top 5 job prep tips to help you reach that next step in your career.

Know what you want
Have a think about what you want before you call a recruiter or apply for a role. This is the most important step in your job search. Calling a recruiter with vague notions of your goals will not make a good first impression. Nor will attending interviews for jobs that you are only slightly interested in – it’s a waste of your time and the time of your recruiter.

If you are considering a career side step or a complete career change, do some research into job availability in that sector, salary guides and any training that may be required.

Contact your referees
As well as updating your resume, you will also need to get in touch with your referees before applying for a particular role. Make sure your referees are happy to provide a reference, check their contact details are correct and let them know what jobs you are applying for. It’s not a good look if your recruiter calls your referees only to find out they haven’t heard from you in years.  

Be prepared for interviews
Be prepared that you may need to attend an interview sooner than you think. Smarten your wardrobe if it’s needed and get a haircut if it’s looking neglected. Whilst most job searches take a while, sometimes job offers can manifest from the very first interview if you make a good impression.

Check your expectations
It may be some years since you last considered a job change, so do some research on salary levels and job availability for your industry sector. If you are unsure, a good recruiter can give you some guidance in this area.

Will your job change require any training or qualifications? This is definitely something you should be aware of before changing jobs. You may need some time off to attend the required training and it’s best to know what the time commitment will be in advance.

We hope this provides some useful advice for those thinking of making a move. We love to help you achieve your career goals – when you succeed, we succeed!

If you are at a cross roads in your career and are not sure of your next steps, speaking to a career counsellor can be a great help. Be honest about what you want and your current life situation to get the most out of this step.  Helen Campbell-Harder is an Adelaide based Psychologist who specialises in career counselling. For further information, visit her website.