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Get your CV right

Get your CV right

As a recruiter, your CV is our first impression of you, so your success in the job market relies heavily on getting this important document right. We won’t know about your exceptional talents, solid work history and education if it doesn’t translate clearly to your CV.  

A well-structured and succinct CV will not only demonstrate your skills and experience but also acts as a marketing tool, promoting your personal brand to prospective employers.

If your CV isn’t up to scratch or you haven’t updated it for years, here are some helpful tips:

Cover letter
A well-written cover letter should demonstrate your ability to interpret the job advert and your command of the English language, including your dexterity with grammar. 

What are your goals?
The first section of your resume should communicate your career goals with a descriptive headline.

Keep it succinct
Try to keep your CV to two or three pages. Recruiters see a lot of CV’s, so keeping it punchy and to the point will ensure it gets read. 

Ensure consistency
Ensure your CV is consistent with other publicly accessible information about you, such as your LinkedIn profile. We do very thorough reference checks on our candidates, so ‘fudging’ the dates of your employment history is a bad idea.

Structure and order
A recruiter wants to see your most recent experience first, not the other way around.
Also, don’t just say where you worked and when; we need to see a list of duties or responsibilities.

Your referees should always be notified when applying for a job. It’s not only courteous, but also gives you an opportunity to prime your referee about the job you are going for.

Professional development
Remember to add in any courses, seminars and certificates you have obtained or professional organisations you are a member of. This shows your commitment to ongoing professional development.

Ensure you list any achievements for each role and provide evidence if possible e.g. growing the rent role from 25 to 80 in one year.

Finally, ensure you have done a thorough spelling and grammar check and that your document is formatted nicely and looks presentable.  As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression - Will Rogers.