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Temping with Edge

Temping with Edge

Temporary & Contract Jobs

Temping can be a great way to utilise your skills, build new knowledge, have work flexibility and gain an entrée into a permanent role.  Assignments can vary from one day to 12 months + and wages are paid on a weekly basis.

We match our temp and contracting team closely to the requirements of both the client and the team member to ensure that any assignment you undertake matches your skill level and needs.  Our temps are always in demand due to their specialised knowledge and experience across all areas of the property industry.

Working at all levels, members of our temp and contracting team cover the following positions:

  • Administrative, secretarial and accounts
  • Residential and commercial property management
  • Facilities management, asset management and retail management 
  • Building and construction
  • Local and state Government
  • Executive level roles

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What Next?

To register with Edge Recruitment, please send your resume together with a description of the role you are looking for to One of our consultants will contact you promptly.


Why temping is great for your career

Whilst temping is sometimes considered the less attractive second cousin to permanent employment, it offers fantastic career benefits that you may not realise.

We asked Abbey Mieglich, Personal Assistant at Turner Real Estate and former temp how it has benefitted her career. She says ‘It’s a great way to try out a lot of positions before settling on one, without looking like you have a lot of movement on your resume. I’ve also seen a variety of processes and procedures from different offices, which really adds to my skills’.  

Here are some of the career orientated reasons to consider temping:

  • Explore the industry
    Explore different aspects of the property industry in a short space of time that may take years and years if you were in permanent roles. For example, you may get exposure to both residential and commercial sides of the property industry as a temp, which is far harder to achieve in permanent roles.
  • Make fantastic industry contacts
    Temping is like speed dating for gaining great industry contacts, fast! We all know how valuable industry networks are for your career and temping provides the opportunity to make an impression on business owners, other employees and possibly clients from each business you temp with.
  • Broaden skills and experience
    Temping offers the opportunity to broaden your skills and be exposed to a variety of industry software programs. Having an excellent working knowledge of software programs relevant to your discipline is often a minimum requirement for landing future roles in the property industry.
  • Try before you buy
    Work out what kind of business you want to work for. Temping allows you to explore the variety of structures, managerial styles and company cultures out there and which ones suit you best.  
  • Work out what you don’t want
    Fine-tuning what you don’t want in your career is just as useful as knowing what you do want. Temping offers the chance to ‘try on’ a role for size, before committing to that choice in a more permanent fashion.
  • From temp to perm
    We find that temp jobs sometimes turn into a permanent offer of employment, especially if you impress the socks off your employer and you have the right skills and experience to boot.

If you are ambitious and looking for work in the property industry, consider temping as a useful stepping stone to achieve your career goals. You will not only gain valuable skills and contacts, but be able to explore the different flavours the industry has to offer. This will equip you well to make the right career choices going forward.