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Sajid - City Realty


There is no mystery why Edge recruitment is the best in the business when it comes to recruitment in real estate/property. Especially when you have highly experienced recruiters like Kelly. I was looking for a full-time property manager role and she immediately organised a couple of interviews for me. I now work for a very reputable real estate company as a Commercial Property Manager and I can’t thank Kelly enough for being so positive and guiding me throughout my search.

I highly recommend anyone looking for a job in real estate/property to connect with them as their clients are some of the best real estate companies around. Thanks, Kelly and Edge recruitment.

Sajid, Commercial Property Manager
City Realty

Cameron Garry - City Realty


We've been using Edge Recruitment for a long time now since we started about 7 years ago. One thing I've noticed over that period of time is that when we get someone through Edge, particularly for property management, they seem to stay with us longer. I think it's because they understand our culture really well, and they're better able to match candidates with that background knowledge that you don't get if they come off the street. 

Cameron Garry, Managing Director
City Realty

Greg Ennis - Ennis Partners


Running a small business is not easy these days and is much more complicated than when I first started in 1979. We have a wonderful team at Ennis Partners but when a member of our team is on leave we really feel it. Mary-Jane and Edge Recruitment have been a blessing, helping us fill the gaps with quality personnel on numerous occasions - giving me the peace of mind that things can still run smoothly. 

I have no hesitation in recommending MJ and Edge!

Greg Ennis, Principal
Ennis Partners

Fiona Shiell - Simonds Homes


I would like to thank Edge Recruitment for their recent expert assistance in recruiting temporary staff within our business. Their delivery has been very quick and the temporary staff have been of a very high standard. 

If you are needing temporary staff in the building or construction industry, I highly recommend Edge. They are professional, friendly and have been outstanding in meeting our needs within short time frames. You can have confidence in Edge to provide quality staffing solutions for your business.

Fiona Shiell, Operations Manager
Simonds Homes

Deanne Goodwin - Gary J Smith Real Estate


We would totally recommend Mary-Jane from Edge, she is our first phone call when we are looking for someone new to join our team. Some of our best people have come from Edge. When putting forward a candidate, they take into consideration not only the ability for that person to do the job but also how they fit in to our company values - two very important factors to us.

Deanne Goodwin, Manager – Rental Department
Gary J Smith Real Estate